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discover our 5 courses!

Accessible from 4 years old, Val Aventure park is fully equipped with 100% secure Zaza 2 continuous lifelines . Once you enter a course, it is impossible to go wrong ! Adult or kid, you just have to slide your hook along the way. You are safe, all you have to do is enjoy !



A course specially designed for children from  1 meter and/or 4 years old . It allows the youngest to do like the grown-ups ! Equipped with a harness and a fully secure system, they can taste the joys of adventure trails.



From 1m30 , here you are, ready for the adventure, the real one  ! The blue course is gaining height and the workshops are becoming toughter! Still accessible to most of the adventurers, this intermediate course does requires a good dose of courage and the desire to face new challenges. Tarzan ropes, nets and zip lines are there for your greatest happiness!

Untitled (1).jpg


Reserved to adventurers over 1m40, the red course promises maximum thrills ! From the top of the platforms you dominate the forest. You will need enough balance to overcome the tightrope walker's workshop and be brave enough to throw yourself into the void !


Decouverte     &    Decouverte +

Accessible from 6 years old and/or 1m20 , the two "Découverte" courses allow you to start gently. The height evolves slowly while several sliding games offer a fun experience.

Montage jump.png


Could you tackle the mythical black course of Val Aventure?

13 years old and 1m50 mandatory ! Reverse zip lines, jumps into the void, vertiginous footbridges... To face this course you will need balance, a lot of courage, and enough physical strength. The workshops are perched on top of the forest and the craziest challenges are waiting for you ! You will need 1 hour to complete this course. Good luck !

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